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[Task Manager] Allow non-file "Recent Documents"

Kai Uwe Broulik requested to merge work/kbroulik/tm-better-recent into master

This allows recent documents to include folders (e.g. visited places in Dolphin) as well as other protocols, such as "vnc://foo" for recently connected remote desktops.

Moreover, it adjusts the "Recent Files" heading to be more precise:

  • "Recent Downloads" when all files are in the Downloads folder, e.g. for a browser with plasma-browser-integration
  • "Recent Places" when all items are files, e.g. for a file manager
  • "Recent Connections" when all items are remote URLs without file name, e.g. remote desktop or server URLs

@fvogt @dfaure @ivan @ngraham @meven @nicolasfella

  • I now get "Recent Places" on Dolphin's context menu
  • The title for my files in Firefox is now "Recent Downloads"
  • With a patch to KRDC to track them in KActivitiesStats I can now offer "Recent Connections"
  • kde-open5 ssh://foo or kde-open5 spotify:// doesn't get stored but I guess we filter out non-local URLs in the launcherjobs

Mostly food for thought, my primary goal was to have an easy way (which doesn't involve the app messing with its desktop file like I did for Kate sessions) to add frequently used remote desktop connections in task bar for KRDC :)

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