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Draft: [taskmanger] Make backend.recentDocumentActions non-blocking

Fushan Wen requested to merge (removed):contextmenu into master

Querying properties of multiple files through KIO could be time-consuming, which even makes plasmashell freeze when the file is on a network mount and the network is bad.

Separate backend.recentDocumentActions code into three parts:

  1. recentDocumentActionsDataJobStart: create KIO::statJob for querying file properties.
  2. recentDocumentActionsDataJobStatResult: process job results and prepare action data.
  3. recentDocumentActions: create an action menu.

BUG: 443465 CCBUG: 406110 CCBUG: 441077


(Explanation: After network is disconnected, right click on Audacious/Kate does not show a menu because there are files on a network mount in "Recent Files" section.)

See also: plasma-workspace!1120 (closed) (easier method, too complicated to apply the same method on kicker)

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