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applets/taskmanager: increase spacing in tablet mode

Now that !846 (merged) has given us the ability to manually configure IOTM task spacing, let's make use of this feature to automatically set it to its highest spacing value while in Tablet Mode to improve touchability, just like we already do for System Tray icons.

As a part of this, the Huge size is removed and the Large size is made to do the same thing as the Huge size, so that we have fewer options and those options are 100% consistent with what we show in the System Tray.

Video of entering and exiting Tablet Mode with this new feature:


Notice how the spacing changes for the Task Manager, just like how it already changes for the System Tray

Config window, normal mode Config window, Tablet Mode
Config_window_in_normal_mode Config_window_in_tablet_mode

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