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Revert "extend kio with portal-based open-with implementation"

This reverts commit 8c72d545. This reverts commit ae36cf16.

This work to unify on a single "Open With" dialog implementation is important for the long-term, but it's not ready to be rolled out yet due to missing features in the portal-based dialog that some users currently rely on ("open with arbitrary binary" and "launch the chosen app in a terminal window"). Because the roll-out happened for Plasma 5.27 LTS, the possibility of adding those features soon is unlikely because the next Plasma feature release is 6.0 which is 8+ months way.

Let's revert this work for now to un-break users and stabilize the last Plasma 5 LTS version, and then we can work on adding the missing features for Plasma 6.0 and try again then.

As such, this MR is targeted only at the 5.27 branch and not master.

BUG: 460741 CCBUG: 460985 FIXED-IN: 5.27.3

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