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More familiar behavior for the App Drawer

Marco Martin requested to merge work/mart/androidKikeDrawer into master

This makes the behavior of the app drawer a bit more familiar and slightly more similar to Android for now:

  • The drawer always contains every application
  • Applications are always alphabetically ordered
  • The drawer opens completely, not staying stuck in "in between" states
  • is possible to drag more copies of a single app on the homescreen/favorites
  • possible to remove an icon from the homescreen or favorites

Two things have been prepared in there (but are material for 5.22 only, so not finished)

  • Things have been reordered such in a way that makes easy for most of the qml files to become components to make easy for people to build their own customized homescreen
  • basic infrastructure is there to allow for multiple horizontal pages scroll, though not implemented yet as needs changes to plasma-workspace layouting code beforehand


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