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taskpanel: Rework task switcher and add smoother gestures

Devin Lin requested to merge work/revamp-task-switcher into master

Currently based on (finishing that MR first)

  • Smoothen open/close gestures, and maybe figure out moving the listview + have x movement - Add swipe all the way up to homescreen gesture
  • Fix activation gesture from homescreen to task manager
  • Figure out what to do for bottom buttons - Swipe left/right gesture on task panel to switch between open apps - Extend swipeable area to move listview to the entire screen
  • Instant homescreen disappear when opening task manager with active app (currently it has a fade animation)

Future (not in this MR)

  • Add customization button (for opening settings page, and to switch to grid view)
  • Add application list order by recently opened rather than alphabetical
  • Screen edge gesture (so navbar can be hidden?)
  • Look into an improved gridview, that's perfect for tablets/phablets (I won an iPad mini recently so I can play with that lol)






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