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Draft: Add QR code scanner for connecting to a WiFi network

Kai Uwe Broulik requested to merge work/kbroulik/scan-qr-code into master

Through a button in the toolbar, a viewfinder is opened, which lets you connect to a WiFi network through a QR code.

@vkrause @ngraham

Had the idea at Akademy since we had a QR code with venue WiFi on our name badges.


  • Add qtmultimedia/prison thing as runtime dep
  • Perhaps split "make it a StackView" into a separate commit
  • Needs MeCard parser lifted from QRCA: frameworks/prison!38 (merged)
  • Needs NM code for adding the connectedion lifted from QRCA
  • Need some help with the colorscope stuff

Please also test whether there haven't been any regressions in the main view (keyboard nav or focus issues, dangling references) as a result of the introduction of the StackView. I think we should also use a similar view for the "show network QR code" feature to make it consistent.



BUG: 466770

Edited by Nate Graham

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