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Add hover behavior and user feedback for copy clicks in the details part of the applet.

Serra McCall requested to merge serrapi/plasma-nm:master into master

I wanted to make the user experience better when copying information from the details part of the applet.

  • Copyable items now have a hover effect (using HoverHandler), as well as a cursor change to make the copy behavior more apparent.
  • The copied item text changes to 'Copied' when it is clicked.
  • A "Copy All" option has been added, with the above behaviors.
  • Formatting of of the grid previously was off-center. This has been fixed.

BUG: 473840

Screenshot_20230228_015420 Screenshot_20230228_021313

Screenshot_20230228_015501 Screenshot_20230228_021344

Screenshot_20230228_015520 Screenshot_20230228_021413

Screenshot_20230228_015542 Screenshot_20230228_021431

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