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Select streams with Up/Down arrow keys.

Chris Holland requested to merge cholland/plasma-pa:work/keynav2 into master

By default, no device is selected. If you press a key, it will be forwarded to the default sink.

You can use Up/Down to navigate streams. You can switch between the Devices and Applications tabs with Up/Down as well. I considered focusing the tabbar to have a more natural Left/Right navigation however the tabbar doesn't have a visible difference when it is highlighted.

This uses the same logic as my volume mixer widget.

This is the 2nd patch mentioned in !59 (merged).



  • Use a better currentItem highlight than a Rectangle 1px outline. ListView supports a ListView.highlight which I should probably be using.
  • Remove debugging console.log()
  • Bind Plasmoid.onActivated: dialogOpened(usedKeyboard=true)
  • Bind compactMouseArea.onClicked: dialogOpened(usedKeyboard=false)

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