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kcm: Integrate "Advanced" options in the main page

Ismael Asensio requested to merge work/iasensio/remove_advanced_page into master

The advanced options under Configure... are a mix of different settings

  • Profile selection
  • Output test of the different channels
  • Two actual general settings (virtual output and switch-on-connect)

Profiles and testing are related to specific devices, rather than general configuration which means a different list and combobox are required to select them for just a specific task.

Let's better integrate them in the main page, so the options are more discoverable and compact.

Some design decisions:

  • A new list has been added to show inactive cards (those which profiles are set to 'off'), since they do not present any device and would be otherwise unreachable.
  • The port and profile selectors has been moved to a second line, which also gives more space to the device description
  • The pulse audio generic options are moved to a menu behind the Configure... button)
pa_before pa_options
pa_advanced pa_test
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