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applets/systemtray: add adjustable spacing, and change it in Tablet Mode

Over the years we've changed System Tray icon spacing many times. And every time we do, we get bug reports about it from people who were happier with the previous value. Typically we close these bug reports as RESOLVED INTENTIONAL, but it always leaves a sour taste in the mouth. People's preferences for spacings and paddings are legitimate.

In addition, a larger spacing can be quite useful in Tablet Mode, to increase the size of the touch targets to be closer to the size of the user's finger.

This commit adds a simple UI to switch the spacings of the visible items between three values, with the middle one that matches the current spacing being the default. While Tablet Mode is activated, the spacing is automatically set to its highest value and made non-user-adjustable, just like we already do for the icon size setting.

cc @teams/vdg @teams/usability

Here is how it will look in Tablet mode, as compared to normal mode (which is not changed at all in this MR)

Normal mode Tablet Mode
System Tray Before After
Config window Config_window_in_normal_mode Config_window_in_tablet_mode

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