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SDDM theme: stop eliding people's names so aggressively

When more than one user is shown on the login screen, username labels are limited to the width of the avatar so they don't overlap one another. However they are not allowed to become multi-line strings, so they can get elided if they are not somewhat short. This was worsened recently by a change in Plasma 5.24 to increase the size of the username labels, which shortened the amount of text that can be seen without eliding.

This commit fixes that problem by allowing constrained username labels to become multi-line strings with up to 3 lines, and adjusting the surrounding layout to visually accommodate this.

Before After
Before After

BUG: 450673 FIXED-IN: 5.24.3


Implementation notes:

  1. These components are shared with the lock and logout screens as well, but they are not affected and there are no visual changes there. There is likewise no visual change to the login screen when there is only one user.
  2. I tried to keep this patch as small as possible so that it can be safely backported. However the architecture of the layout in these screens is fundamentally wrong, abusing anchors in a way that makes items rely on the size and internal whitespace of other items to avoid overlapping. It really needs to be ported to something more robust that does not require adjusting layout items when children are changed, and I might start working on that soon if there is agreement here.

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