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[applets/batterymonitor] Introduce power profile icons

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/battery/57v-green-energy into master

Power profile labels are gone and replaced with only two descriptive icons, and now there's only one of label at the top of the slider, which aligns with what BrightnessItems do.

Padding of the header is handled now entirely within the header itself.

Description Preview
Before Before
After After
With inhibitions Inhibitions
Narrow - English Narrow_-_English
Narrow - Russian Narrow_-_Russian
Narrow - German Narrow_-_German

As you can see, this change may affect strings hungry languages, which unsurprisingly Russian is one of, and surprisingly German is not one of.

CC: @mdelafuente @teams/vdg

CCBUG: 449475

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