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Fix "PanelSpacer::containmentGraphicObject()" plasmashell segfault

BUG: 450663

This one-liner fix is from Aleix Pol, and fixes the following:

  • Crashes when deleting panels with Panel Spacer instances on them (as described in the bug ID named above)
  • Potentially endless crash looping when running plasmashell --replace while a Panel Spacer is on at least one panel (in my testing, after the 2nd consecutive plasmashell --replace, and is actually an endless crashloop on one of my machines)

Due to the potential the bug has to infinitely crashloop plasmashell, this should seriously be considered for cherry-picking into Plasma 5.25.3.

PS: Dr. Konqui probably should wait in system tray icon form if a Dr. Konqui window is already present, as this bug's crashlooping for instance can seriously spam Dr. Konqui windows.

Edited by Dominic Hayes

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