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components/calendar: Animate the view when date changes

Tanbir Jishan requested to merge tantalising/plasma-workspace:scroll_cal into master

The date can be changed using scrolling or the buttons provided. It does not animate the view though. With this MR I have tried to implement this. Though the goal here is not just animating the view. The user can now flick the view as well to change date. There is already !1843 (closed) this MR that does all of this and more. But there was many controversial changes and the code was a mess. The way animation was being handled could be improved. This is a much more smaller version of that MR. I have tried to make as less changes as possible to the MonthView since it is already very messy. All I have done is creating a new component and wrapped the views in that component. The code changes not as much in the MonthView as it seems in the diff. Here's what I am talking about:


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