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Play notification sound when a USB device is plugged in or unplugged

Kai Uwe Broulik requested to merge work/kbroulik/device-plugsound into master

This adds a kded module which will monitor Udev's "usb" subsystem for any USB devices being added/removed and emits a notification as a result.

Compared to device notifier, this reacts on any kind of USB device (e.g. mouse, headset), not just storage devices. It also reacts more quickly, for example with an external hard drive, which needs to spin up first before device notifier scans the partitions.

It checks the sysfs removable property to avoid playing a sound when an internal device that is technically a USB device (e.g. fingerprint reader, bluetooth adapter, etc) gets enabled/disabled.

BUG: 435509


This popup is not supposed to be shown by default, it's all about the sound. That's also why I didn't invest a lot of effort into generating a pretty name for the device in question.

Depends on frameworks/frameworkintegration!25 (merged)

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