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Draft: Make "Virtual keyboard" buttons on lock and login screens show the VK

Right now these buttons do not always show the virtual keyboard. They will do it when pressed with a touchscreen tap, but when clicked with a pointing device they will do nothing at all, which is not a great UX.

This commit fixes that by using KWin's InputMethod::forceActivate() function, which shows the virtual keyboard even if the last input event wasn't a touch event.

This commit requires kwin!3895 to work.

BUG: 467209 FIXED-IN: 6.0

CC @teams/usability @marcdeop @apol

Draft because it doesn't work and I don't understand why. with kwin!3895 applied, calling Keyboards.KWinVirtualKeyboard.forceActivate() from QML works as expected in !2780, but it doesn't work here. @apol any chance you can help me figure this out?

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