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kcms/nightcolor: Fix wrong property read

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/nightcolor-fixups into master

Fix whitespace

Fix qualified property access

Fix wrong property read

Amends cb2b0e9c

Simplify error variable

It's not used elsewhere, so it can be inlined and thus also fixing unqualified property access issue.

Remove unused property defaultRequested

Amends 0bdedc5e

Use strict equality operator

Refactor locator property into an object pointer

Being a var with a default value of undefined does not make sense in general, and messes up with Connections object in particular.

Improve dynamic object's lifetime management

Don't recreate if it's already there, and not attempt to call the destructor on null.

Explicitly specify arguments in signal handlers

Injection of parameters into signal handlers is deprecated. Use JavaScript functions with formal parameters instead.

Drop QML import versions

Replace Qt 5 hack with Qt 6 dedicated property

Fix broken and incorrect signal handlers on TextFields

There is no submit method since 0bdedc5e and a TextField should programmatically react to text edits by the user.

Remove unused component id

Fix some more qualified property access issues

Restrict number of decimals in validator to 2

which is more realistic, giving that NumberField internally discards the rest by rounding.

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