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login-sessions: Add a script to enable/disable system D-Bus services (a.k.a. KAuth6 fix)

Jakob Petsovits requested to merge work/jpetso/kauth6-for-dev-sessions into master

Required to use locally built KAuth helper binaries instead of the ones provided by your OS. Will stop similarly named services in a co-installed Plasma 5 session from working correctly. (Plasma 5 vs. 6 co-installation is not supported anyway.)

BUG: 476118

This is my alternative to MR !3257, which I found to be a dead end. Addresses dev session troubles caused by frameworks/kauth!45 (merged). Use the new script like this:

~/kde/build/plasma-workspace/login-sessions/ enable  # to prioritize locally built versions
~/kde/build/plasma-workspace/login-sessions/ disable # to revert back to what the OS provides

Plus a tiny clean-up commit for

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