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components/calendar & applets/digital-clock: Something about premium edition

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/calendar-plus into master

It's time to Sign

This patch set probably contains a bit more than adding some standard spacing to the layouts.

Most notable fixes (in no particular order) include:

  • Week numbers aren't glitched anymore for previous/next months;
  • Reduce visual glitches when resizing the view (by disabling SwipeView's animation, by temporarily resetting currentIndex to -1);
  • Fix prematurely saving selected time zone to configuration before applying (saving) the newly added time zones — this has caused some nasty "undefined" errors;
  • Errors are fixed in the code too, so it is overall more robust against unknown time zones now;
  • Reset currentIndex of a header TabBar when leaving it through keyboard navigation;
  • Highlight an explicitly added time zone which resolves to the same time zone as "Local" just the same as it would've highlighted the "Local" time zone itself — both in Time Zones view and in the applet's tool tip.
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