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Digital Clock: Holidays edition

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/premium-holidays into master

Improve code style in config

Port to required properties, drop unused imports & signals.

Hide icon in delegates

Currently the backend doesn't provide any roles for icons, so they shouldn't take up any space.

Reuse items in the ListView

Results in a smoother scrolling experience. Delegates are not stateful, so they can be freely reused.

Wrap long text instead of eliding into a tooltip

This is a miles-long list. We are not winning anything by shaving extra vertical pixels.

At the same time, multi-line long labels are rare enough to benefit from mostly uniform height of delegates with the reserveSpaceForSubtitle option.

BUG: 396756

Improve key navigation

It still puzzles my why the view comes before the header in the keyboard navigation chain, but that's some upstream bug to fix.

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