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applets/systemtray: Clean it up

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/systemtray into master

Draft because there are many more unsorted changes in git stash.

Drop QML import versions

They are deprecated and unhelpful.

This is an automated change using the following regexp:
Search: (import \S+) \d\S*( as \S*)?
Replace: \1\2

Remove unused imports

In Qt 6 importing QtQml is no longer required to fix the Binding enum. And QtQuick.Window is now nothing but an alias to QtQuick.

Add missing import aliases and normalize existing ones

Sort QML imports

Modernize QML/JS

Don't use raw loops; we can have semantic iterators now.

Drop broken operand

There is no such enum value as Qt.Bottom, and according to JavaScript rules this undefined | int evaluates to the right-hand-side int, i.e. it has always been equal to simply Qt.AlignHCenter, and since no one complained, let's drop the undefined part.

Shameless plug: Spotted thanks to my syntax highlighting plugin, QML for Sublime Text, which includes a hardcoded list of all enums in QML standard library.

Amends 5e24f1c2

Declare more properties as required or readonly

Porting to required properties in Loader's source component in turn requires porting the Loader to a workaround for its inability to provide initial properties when simply binding its source url.


Use Control::mirrored property for RTL detection

LayoutMirroring.enabled unnecessarily allocates an extra attached object.

CC @niccolove about the "Drop broken operand" part.

Edited by ivan tkachenko

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