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weather/noaa: Fix the URL for retreving the station list

Ismael Asensio requested to merge work/iasensio/noaa-fix-stations into master

Reason for the change

It seems the noaa outages on the legacy API continue, and the previous URL that provided the list of weather stations is no longer working (it errors out as a 404).

There is however a probable alias/mirror that still works (

Instead of a simple replacement, add a small fallback mechanism to also check the older URL in case it changes again in the future.

At some point we might be even want to cache it in a local file.

Test plan

In the weather applet, search for a location in the US provided by NOAA. If you already had one selected, it should start working again.

Bugs fixed

This station list is used as a first step in the code, and without it, neither saved locations nor searching new ones work.

Future steps

While the long-lasting fix is to switch to the new openAPI, searching for a list of places/stations by name is still a non-solved issue, as the new API do not provide something similar and suggests to use other services for this:

Searching by the location coordinates is easier, and probably more helpful, but our current infrastructure doesn't allow it, so it's better to add this after porting out of the dataengine mechanism.

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