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Revert "startkde: Close systemd session when startplasma exits" + Add replacement

David Edmundson requested to merge work/d_ed/session_take2 into master
  • startkde: Close systemd session when startplasma exits

Startplasma is the session leader managed by the display manager. Anything started by systemd

On logout or shutdown we correctly stop the graphical-session target and then startplasma quits.

If SDDM is restarted the order happens in reverse. startpasma quits, but we also need our units to close. Otherwise we end up in a situation where we're at the login manager but with all our background services continuing to run.

Given startplasma starts the plasma-workspace target it's on to make sure this target gets stopped.

This is an alternative to 0ff2e9a7 but considerably simpler. It doesn't handle the case of startplasma crashing or being SIGKILLED, but is considerably simpler.

  • Revert "startkde: Close systemd session when startplasma exits"

This code worked a bit too aggressively; on a live upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1, systemd will reload and immediately quit the whole session.

BUG: 488032

This reverts commit 0ff2e9a7.

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