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Make Thumbnail Grid the Breeze window switcher

Jan Blackquill requested to merge work/janb/breeze-become-thumbnails into master

VDG would like to propose using Thumbnails as the default Task Switcher instead of the current sidebar-style Breeze Task Switcher. Here are some of the reasons we discussed:

  1. The scrollable nature of the Breeze Task Switcher makes it impossible to have predictible spatial memory of the positions of windows because they move around as the list scrolls up and down
  2. Anecdotally, some people find that the Breeze Task Switcher has bad performance or feels slow due to its slide-in animation
  3. The Breeze Task Switcher feels odd with a multi-monitor setup; it can seem to pop out of the middle of the combined screen area

The Thumbnails Task Switcher doesn't suffer from any of these problems. Anecdotally, a number of KDE developers seem to already be using it.

Depends on kdeplasma-addons!40 (closed)

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