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[applets/batterymonitor] Clarify power management inhibition UI

The power management inhibition UI is currently somewhat confusing to users because it's not clear that the checkbox is a local override for the permanent settings set elsewhere in System Settings.

A good sign that the UI is sub-optimal is that we refer to it as "power management inhibition" internally and in our developer conversations, but the UI expresses the opposite: allowing power management, not inhibiting it. This conflicts in the user's mind with the UI in System Settings that is also expressed in terms of allowing it. It is further confused by the fact that the message about apps suppressing power management is phrased in terms of being an temporary override, and that we also show an unrelated message about the battery charge limit (if set) in the same place where we're notifying the user about power management inhibition.

Let's clarify this UI by doing the following:

  • Re-word the checkbox's label to emphasize that it's a local override for the settings that were set elsewhere
  • Move the charge level message into the battery item itself, since that's what it affects
  • Slightly re-word the message for when apps are inhibiting power management to emphasize that power management can be inhibited automatically by apps in additionto manually by the user

BUG: 435827 FIXED-IN: 5.22

cc @teams/vdg @broulik


Edited by Nate Graham

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