Screen Recorder applet for Plasma Wayland

Adds a screen recorder for Plasma Wayland. See plasma-phone-components#83.




  • Can save into MKV/MP4
  • Can record at any framerate
  • Default shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R
  • Delay timer

Todo (help wanted):

  • Disable on X11
  • Make the plasmoid icon blink when recording, and count down when delaying

New dependencies:

  • Gstreamer 1.0
  • Pipewire and Gstreamer Pipewire plugin (runtime dependencies)

Note: Neon ships a build of xdg-desktop-portal which is built without Pipewire support, see bug 437529. The plugin has a workaround for this, but it would be better if Neon fixes the package itself.

cc @apol @carlschwan

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