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policyagent: support blocking inhibitions

Natalie Clarius requested to merge work/natalie/inhibitions-block into master

Allow the user to release, and optionally configure to permanently reject, inhibitions from certain apps for certain reasons.

Expose the following new methods and signals via D-Bus:

  • BlockInhibition: Release any current inhibitions that match the pattern. If set to permanent, also reject any new inhibitions from that app with that reason. Permanently blocked inhibitions are kept track of in a list saved in the configuration file.
  • UnblockInhibition: Retroactively inforce matching inhibitions that were previously released or rejected but are still relevant. If set to permanent, remove the pair from the list if applicable.
  • ListBlockedInhibitions: List all inhibitions that that would currently be active but were released or rejected on user request.
  • BlockedInhibitionsChanged: Emitted when the list of blocked inhibitions changes.

For motivation of why such functionality is desired, see the bug report.

BUG: 423745

Frontend: plasma-workspace!4341

CC @broulik

Edited by Natalie Clarius

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