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IconMode: Improve launch with a specific KCM

Ismael Asensio requested to merge work/iasensio/fix-iconmode-start into master

When systemsettings is launched to open a specific KCM, for instance when invoked from a module entry in kickoff or krunner, it currently does two buggy, confusing things in IconMode:

  • only load the specific KCM and the first KCM in the category
  • not switching to the specific KCM

This series of two commits addresses these issues, which work better together

Example running systemsettings5 kcm_colors

syse_iconmode_few syse_iconmode_all

Pinging @ngraham cause I know he loves Icon Mode even more than me :D (FWIW I don't use it since 2011)

BUG: 444565 FIXED-IN: 5.26

Edited by Ismael Asensio

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