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Let people file bugs for specific KCMs

Requires frameworks/kcoreaddons!263 (merged) (the CI failure is because this isn't merged yet).

Best enjoyed with plasma-desktop!1177 (merged).

When the active page has the BugReportUrl field set in its JSON metadata, the "Report a Bug" menu item in the sidebar's hamburger menu will now transform into a "Report a Bug in Current Page" menu item that will take you straight to the appropriate bug report entry page for the current KCM.

BUG: 204364 FIXED-IN 5.27

@teams/usability @teams/vdg

I deliberately chose a slightly different UI style from what was done in plasma-desktop!1176 (merged). In that MR, the "Report a Bug" action is a button on the page's footer, but that wouldn't work as well here in System Settings; KCMs' footers typically have a lot of buttons on them, and adding a new one with long text would get cluttered quickly. Also, unlike Plasma applet configuration windows, in System Settings we have a hamburger menu that we can put actions in.


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