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Give button footer the correct height

The SystemSettings-provided button bar at the bottom of the module view lacked top padding; this made the buttons have more bottom padding than top padding, which looked bad both in general, and also when using Sidebar Mode, which has an adjacent footer with the correct height. They didn't match up.

We can fix this by adding the required amount of top padding. This is a hardcoded value to match the hardcoded value in Breeze (Which we also do elsewhere in System Settings, but this would be fixed with !117 (closed)) and it looks good with all tested fonts and font sizes.

Before After
Before After

We pay a small cost though: now there is an unavoidable small amount of extra spacing between the footer buttons and KCM content. This is not fixable unless modules are given the ability to communicate to the System Settings shell app and tell it when it should omit its own padding above the footer buttons, because the module brings its own.

Here is how it looks:


Personally I think the visual advantages outweigh the drawbacks.

BUG: 461435 FIXED-IN: 5.27


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