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AppChooser portal: Overhaul UI

Nate Graham requested to merge ngraham/xdg-desktop-portal-kde:overhaul-ui into master

This commit introduces a series of inter-related changes that combine together to overhaul and modernize the UI, and make it more visually and functionally consistent with other KDE UIs.

Here are the individual changes:

  • Merge the top two pieces of text into one, and use it as the the dialog's title
  • Move the search field and "show all apps" button to the top, since they're both scope selectors
  • Make the search field filter all visible items in the view, not just non-preferred apps
  • Mark the default app using bold text, not a background highlight that can mislead you into thinking it has keyboard focus (but it does not)
  • When grid delegates are hovered, show a normal-style highlight effect rather than changing the cursor shape
  • Move the "find more apps" message to the bottom to support a normal top-to-bottom flow: first you choose your scope (or not), then you look for the app, then if you don't find one, you can use Discover to search for more
  • Add a placeholder message when the view is empty, either because no relevant apps are installed or because no apps matched the user's search text
Before After
Default view Before__default_view After__default_view
All apps view Before__show_all_apps After__show_all_apps
"Nothing found in a search" view Before__nothing_found After__nothing_found

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