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H2: remove a rather useless limit on the number of streams

Antonio Rojas requested to merge arojas/qtbase:qtbug-94470 into kde/5.15

SETTINGS for max concurrect number of streams is 'one direction' - this is how our peer conveys the possible number of streams we can open, not them. If they choose to have it unlimited - let it be so.

It's possible to send 0 as maximum number, also, it's possible to reduce the maximum compared to initial at some point - then I have to avoid integer overflows.

Pick-to: 6.2 Pick-to: 6.1 Pick-to: 5.15 Fixes: QTBUG-94470 Change-Id: Ia02247acbaedd70998a4cab02082ba10f45cf78c Reviewed-by: Mårten Nordheim Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne (cherry picked from commit 46940ca7)

BUG: 455540

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