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Fix no mapping for SysReq key

David Faure requested to merge dfaure/qtbase:work/dfaure/40193c2b into kde/5.15

XKB_KEY_Sys_Req keysym is currently unmapped to any Qt::Key. Implication of this it is uncapable to participate in any keyboard shortcuts. This patch adds the missing mapping.

Detected by testXkb KWin unit test

Fixes: QTBUG-92087 Pick-to: 5.15 6.0 6.1 Change-Id: I2440c218e265c5636fc1d2703f14d8bfe033967e Reviewed-by: Andrey Butirsky Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge Reviewed-by: Liang Qi Reviewed-by: Aleix Pol Gonzalez (cherry picked from commit 40193c2b)

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