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Send string to Atspi DBus interface on name/description changed

Fushan Wen requested to merge (removed):work/fuf/qtacc-fix-name-desc into kde/5.15

Orca only accepts string or list type for object:property-change:accessible-name and object:property-change:accessible-description events. This fixes NameChanged and DescriptionChanged not being announced by Orca.

This also adds check for accessible interface and will ignore events from invalid interfaces on name/description changed.

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Pick-to: 6.4 6.2 Change-Id: Iaaa50678e7223951e0f3af99c5e04aa7458e4d0d Reviewed-by: Michael Weghorn Reviewed-by: Volker Hilsheimer (cherry picked from commit c9758d76)


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