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fix Alt+` shortcut on non-US layouts

Andrey Butirsky requested to merge (removed):non_Latin_shortcuts into kde/5.15

Make it possible for non-letter-keys with Latin 1 symbols (`, !, @ etc.) to participate in shortcuts also, when the keys generate national symbols on non-Latin layout.
For example, in Russian layout, "`" key generates cyrillic "ё" letter of national alphabet, so shortcuts with the key should still work regardless of the actual layout.

Fixes: QTBUG-90611
Change-Id: Id9a505210ff33a94b82511b88c30ef79f3d03913
Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge
(cherry picked from commit 62e697fd)

plasma/kwin!786 (merged)
CCBUG: 375518

Edited by Andrey Butirsky

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