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QHostInfo: fix remaining slotObj leaks

We failed to delete the slot object when lookUpHost() was called in these (exceptional) circumstances:

  • on a thread with no event dispatcher

  • after application shut-down, when the QHostInfoLookupManager Q_APPLICATION_STATIC was destroyed already

Fix by adding the missing destroyIfLastRef() calls into these code paths, too.

Amends ad5eb297.

This would be so much easier if we had SlotObjUniquePtr...

Pick-to: 6.6 6.5 6.2 5.15 Task-number: QTBUG-115263 Change-Id: Ief8bf125bc196742c0ce59c1fd87ab93242fc0da Reviewed-by: Ivan Solovev Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot (cherry picked from commit 693c9e6b)

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