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Fix UB (signed char passed to <cctype> function)

Passing char to a function is UB for characters that are outside the range [0...255, EOF].

You have to cast chars to uchar so the implicit conversion to int does not produce negative values.

Amends a6ffce09ce6d4fd39fbb50eb58f7b5d1027f4d60.

Pick-to: 6.6 6.5 6.2 5.15 Change-Id: I597ee3ff87d38c40dbdf794ee07d302da26f520e Reviewed-by: Mike Krus (cherry picked from commit cf084d958c1d795fbdc06b6a377ab61d68e0960a in qt3d)

  • asturmlechner 2023-08-14: Resolve conflict with qt3d/dev commit b291ef7442453d3ea842756189413d9521029b1b (int -> qsizetype)

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