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QLibraryPrivate: Actually merge load hints

Ilya Katsnelson requested to merge ilyak/qtbase:backport-crash-fix into kde/5.15

Or old and new load hints in mergeLoadHints() instead of just storing new ones. Andjust QLibraryPrivate::setLoadHints() to handle objects with no file name differently and just set load hints directly.

Mention that load hints are merged once the file name is set in the documentation for QLibrary::setLoadHints().

Add a regression test into tst_qfactoryloader.

Update and extend tst_QPluginLoader::loadHints() to take into account load hints merging.

Fixes: QTBUG-114480 Change-Id: I3b9afaec7acde1f5ff992d913f8d7217392c7e00 Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira

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