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QPixmapCache: fix leaking of QStrings and Keys on clear()

QPixmapCache maintains a mapping from QString to QPixmapCache::Key, in the form of the cacheKeys QHash, but QPixmapCache::clear() didn't touch it, leading to the string data (as well as the Keys) being retained after any possible use. This can lead to memory slowly being eaten up, as reported in QTBUG-112200, and prevents a periodic calling of QPixmapCache::clear() from being a work-around for the issue in the bug report.

Fix by clearing cacheKeys in QPixmapCache::clear().

This is designed as a low-risk enabler of a work-around, not a fix for the issue. The work-around enabled by this is periodic calling of QPixmapCache::clear().

[ChangeLog][QtGui][QPixmapCache] Fixed QString key data not being freed on clear().

Pick-to: 6.6 6.5 6.2 5.15 Task-number: QTBUG-112200 Change-Id: Ica6fa0e27e1b47b8df58d5e996378a2ececa5f9c Reviewed-by: Volker Hilsheimer Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot (cherry picked from commit 6ab0d25a)

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