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QTextOdfWriter: fix exporting pixmaps to ODT

David Faure requested to merge dfaure/qtbase:work/dfaure/b67f887a into kde/5.15

The QVariant returned by resource() can contain either a QPixmap or a QImage. The code here is now more similar to the one in qtextimagehandler.cpp.

Also, the quality is 0 when not set, in which case we want a nice PNG rather than a very very low quality JPG with just a few large blocks of same-color pixels.

Pick-to: 5.15 6.2 Change-Id: I49db542e2234c8068f85a636a81a7d8cdb7b5876 Reviewed-by: André Hartmann Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll (cherry picked from commit b67f887a)

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