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Avoid generating large pdf files when using dashed cosmetic pens

Albert Astals Cid requested to merge aacid/qtbase:QTBUG-86094 into kde/5.15

This MR contains two commits to fix QTBUG-86094

The cherry-pick was not 100% clean because of 2 whitespace changes and because

bool cosmeticPen = qt_pen_is_cosmetic(d->pen, state.renderHints());

which was used in 5.15 is

bool cosmeticPen = d->pen.isCosmetic();

in the Qt 6 branch.

But I'm 99% confident the backport is as good as the upstream code, that is, I have verified it indeed fixes QTBUG-86094 and does not regress in QTBUG-68537

Edited by Albert Astals Cid

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