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Read DPI from X Settings initially as well

Currently, Xft.dpi from X Resources is read initially, while changes are monitored for Xft/DPI from X Settings. These protocols are different and can have different values. E.g. MATE sets X Resources' Xft.dpi to 96.30859375, while X Settings' Xft/DPI is set to 197240 at 2x scale.

This results in a very weird bug when Qt can't determine 2x scale initially, but if scale is changed at run time, Qt changes scale to the right value.

The difference could be checked via xrdb -query and dump_xsettings (the second is from xsettingsd project).

[ChangeLog] Qt now reads Xft/DPI from X settings at startup, and will prefer this value over Xft.dpi from X resources.

Pick-to: 6.0 6.1 5.15 Change-Id: If6adac0c88198579332ddebc673f1524f324c0e4 Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig (cherry picked from commit 65607786)

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