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Close socket descriptor when QBluetoothSocketBluez is destroyed

There are two private QBluetoothSocket backends on Linux:

  • QBluetoothSocketBluez is native linux socket implementation It is always used by the linux QBluetoothServer, and by QBluetoothSocket if Bluez version is < 5.46
  • QBluetoothSocketBluezDbus used by QBluetoothSocket when Bluez >= 5.46

Leaving the native socket unclosed leaks the resource and eventually we may run out of descriptors. This is reproducible by creating and destroying QBluetoothServer instances in a loop.

As a related drive-by:

  • Fix bluetooth socket autotest version check. DBus socket is used with bluez 5.46+ (for clarity: DBus lowenergycontroller is used with bluez 5.42+). This is needed for the test to pass with Bluez < 5.46
  • Add a clarifying comment on socket close()

Fixes: QTBUG-103067 Pick-to: 5.15 6.2 6.3 Change-Id: Idc38c743be09e559ea82bf09c2f9e44e4b80d666 Reviewed-by: Ivan Solovev Reviewed-by: Alex Blasche (cherry picked from commit 3aafe9d5)

  • asturmlechner 2023-04-10: Drop conflicting drive-by fix in socket autotest - version check does not exist at least in 5.15.9.

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