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Fix TapHandler so that it actually registers a tap

Arjen Hiemstra requested to merge (removed):work/ahiemstra/touchpoint into kde/5.15

This bug caused all quick examples that used the shared\LauncherList.qml to be broken.

In QtGui, QSinglePointEvent will construct itself with a point id of 0 if there is a valid point, and with a point id of -1 if the point is invalid (the default constructor does the latter). However, QQuickSinglePointHandler::wantsPointerEvent() did not agree with that, because it assumed that a point id of 0 meant uninitialized/invalid point. The fix is to change QQuickSinglePointHandler::wantsPointerEvent() and QQuickHandlerPoint so that it assumes that the id -1 is now an invalid point, (instead of 0)

Change-Id: I8c9683dfe06ebb77c5342a26f08174b67e7cbd90 Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge (cherry picked from commit 8d3a9101)

I'd like to backport this because KWin internally can have touch points with id 0 which means things break if those are passed to Qt.

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