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webp: support sequential input device if full file is available

Since we do no random access during decoding, just a readAll() of the whole image file. So if it is all available already, we can handle a sequential device. That is useful for Quick AnimationImage, which will pass a finished QNetworkReply as the input device.

This commit removes some seek() calls in the header checking, that supposedly should reset the device position. These were in practice either no-ops or bugs, since the device is only being peeked, so the position never changes in the first place, and a QImageIOHandler is supposed to read from the device at the position it is at when passed.

Fixes: QTBUG-70245 Change-Id: I5a4ff5fa4bbd19b0545ad41645969d714b4dc7d5 Reviewed-by: default avatarAllan Sandfeld Jensen Reviewed-by: default avatarShawn Rutledge

This was discovered as an issue in neochat. Currently webp cannot be loaded over the network and throws an error.

Cherry pick of 369be99d, fixes

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