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Fix activeFocus for highest-z popup

If there was no popup with active focus, giving focus to the highest-z popup failed on exiting the previous one.

Note: 5.15 requires a separate commit, as quickcontrols2 is in its own module instead of being included in declarative.

Pick-to: 6.2 Fixes: QTBUG-85956 Change-Id: I5263d73fbbc1fe08366f6c3faa90edc58d229e89 Reviewed-by: Tomi Korpipää (cherry picked from commit 00ffca0a65f81071f07d9094c4189a2bb448a64e in qtdeclarative)

  • asturmlechner 2022-01-26: Fix test QtQuick imports adding 2.13

Backport not listed in issues, taken from qtdeclarative@00ffca0a

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