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client: Fix crash on dnd updates after client facing drag ends

A platform drag and a application-facing drag have two different

The platform drag lasts until all mimedata is transferred and the client
receiving the drops marks it as finished.

The application facing QDrag lasts until the client deletes it. We can
get a crash if we get updates during this time.

The drop event is guarded, but not the action negotiation.

Pick-to: 6.6
Change-Id: Ib9c047f04d65883105d4cd3f169637d0e038a63f
Reviewed-by: Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt <>
(cherry picked from commit 22daca49b807fefba58113a06b86df4274e49f62)

Appears to fix crashes:

See also: plasma/kwin!4300 (closed)

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