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    Implement proper compression for the filter dialog · 029deeef
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    The patch consists of three different changes:
    1) CancelSilentlyMarker is changed from a job to an atomic flag.
       Before this change, the job used to be cancelled before the
       actual flag was reset. It caused too many unnecessary updates
       to happen.
    2) KisFilterStrokeStrategy now provides a cookie to show whether
       the procesing has finished or not.
    3) This cookie is used in a new mode in KisSignalCompressor. This
       mode works as the normal FIRST_ACTIVE mode, with one exception:
       it has "the second" shorter timer that checks if the queue is
       already idle. If it is idle, then the signal will be passed
       before the normal deadline. This mode is activated by calling
       the second override of setDelay() that accepts isIdle callback
       for the state of the queue.
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