tag release ov 1.2.0

The heaptrack v1.2.0 release is a maintenance release and brings a couple of important bug fixes and improvements. These improve the stability of heaptrack and make it more error resilient while recording data. Additionally, some minor tweaks to the graphical analysis tool make it more efficient to use. The performance of the analysis step was slightly improved too. Finally, an important bug in the data-diffing algorithm is fixed, which should make that feature more useful again.

Fixed bug reports in this release:

https://bugs.kde.org/394330: Heaptrack 1.1.0 fails to build on 32bit https://bugs.kde.org/395109: Infinite recursion during initialization when stdlib's atexit() allocates https://bugs.kde.org/412742: $pipe for mkfifo has no write permission https://bugs.kde.org/412954: Software tests fails after build

A full log of commits that went into this release can be found here: https://invent.kde.org/sdk/heaptrack/-/commits/v1.2.0